Friday, 24 January 2014

25 Things About Me

So seeing as were going to get to know one another i thought i would introduce myself but giving you 25 facts about me. Most of them are important but some of them are just plain random, so here goes 25 facts about me.

1) I have a weird obsession with hand Gel (see an example on my December Favorites)
2) I have a dog called Bessie the Westie
3) I am a skateboarder
4) I live in Britain
5) For my GSCES i took Graphic Design, German, Music and Drama
6) I have an addiction to YouTube
7) At first i appear really shy but once you get to know me i might seem a bit weird (in a good way though!)
8) I sing all the time, but i get really nervous when my family want to hear me sing!
9) I always get really cold for some reason
10) I always plan ahead (even if i am just going shopping)
11) This is really random but my friends say they never see me without cranberry juice
12) One of my best friends started blogging at the same time as me (Dinosaurgrace)
13)I laugh way to much!
14) My second home is either Starbucks or Costa
15)I love Tea! (I have a big shelf of tea at home)
16) My favorite animals are owls, foxes and hedgehogs!
17) I have some of the funnest friends possible
18) I am pretty ill at the moment (i won't get into it!)
19) My Birthday is the 8th of November
20) I am fifteen
21) One of my biggest influences is my brother
22) I really either want to move to Scotland or America
23) I have dislocated and broke my arm twice and had to have pins and plates (pieces of metal in my arm!)
24) I have also broke my wrist and thumb before (Everyone says that i am 'accident prone')    
25) I take alot of photographs as i think the capture memory's!

So there we have it! 25 facts about me! Now alot of them are random but this is the type of person I am! I am just a random person! I hope you enjoyed this! x

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x