Sunday, 2 February 2014

Valentine's Beauty

Now if you have a date and your going somewhere or if you are just spending time with friends, this is a simple valentines day look! (And did i mention most of the items are drugstore!)

Step One: Base 
Now to start off with we need a base for your make up to apply smoothly onto and to either add a hint of colour or prime and moisturize you skin. So before you even think about putting make up on your face, you must make sure that you clean your face with cleansers and facial washes and any cleansing products you might use (But i am going to stop talking about it now as you all know that!) But one last thing is that you must make sure to moisturize your skin before you apply and make up and i would recommend that you wait either five to ten minutes as you want you skin to absorb all of the moisturizer!
But after all of that you should then pick what you want to use as you base. It all really depends on preference as you might want to use foundation, a primer or even both! I would recommend to use Benefit's The Porefessional as a primer or a cheaper but still just as good primer would be Maybelline Baby Skin Primer. You probably know this already but primers not only make your make up last longer, but they blur pores and fine lines. They are the key elements but it depends of the primer you get as most of them cover different aspects of your skin. If you want to use a foundation i would recommend Rimmel Match Perfection as it's lightweight and i think it's just good as it's not a heavy coverage but enough to cover up some blemishes. You could apply the foundation with either a brush (i would recommend the Real techniques Expert Face Brush) Or a damp make up sponge or just your finger tips.

Step Two: Concealer and Highlight
To either cover up dark circles and blemishes i use Benefit's Boi-ing concealer as for me it covers up dark circles and doesn't crease and also the lasting power is generally very good. Another alternative would be the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, now this concealer is my go to concealer, I think that it's amazing it covers up spots well and if you blend it enough it can be great for your under eye area!
I have been only recently using a highlight and I have been using a highlighter, but as I got a Benefit gift box for christmas there was a highlighter. It was called High beam! now I can't compare it between another highlighter as I have only just started using one but I think it does a really good job with  highlighting your cheek bones and makes your face look radiant!

 Step Three: Eyes:     
Over the last couple of months I have been testing out mascaras like crazy, just to find the perfect balance of a mascara that can lengthen your eyelashes and  volumeising mascara. As I heard so much about Maybelline's The Rocket Volume Mascara I thought I would try it. What had I been missing out on? It volumesises your lashes and just makes your lashes look stunning. Where was I? Oh yeah, so apply your favorite mascara but if you want a more dramatic look you should try false eye lashes. I have heard that Eylure Katy Perry 'Sweetie pie' lashes are very effective. But if your like me and prefer a mascara your should try Benefit's There Real Mascara (as seen in my December favorites) it makes you look like you have false eye lashes on without the hassle, score!
What I like to do for eye shadow is put a hazelnut/brown colour all over the lid of my eye, then blend a soft pink eye shadow with it and then to finish off try adding a little champagne eye shadow in the inner corner of your eye. Subtle but effective!

Step Four: Blusher and Lips
This is totally up to you but instead of using bronzer I used blusher as it gives this look a cute 'Rosie Glow' but as I said you could either use blusher or bronzer or even both! The blusher I am using at the moment is Bourjois blush in 48/Ashes Of Roses. It's a subtle pink blush which gives you just the right amount of colour, just sweep over the apples of your cheeks and then blend up towards your cheek bones. Perfect.

I am not normally the biggest fan of lip glosses but I have re-kindled my love for them when I found stashed away in my room Barry M's lip gloss. Now I have just realised it doesn't have the shade name on but it looks like a bright pink shade but when you apply it, it come's out very sheer so you can either keep the sheer pale pink colour or keep building up the colour.
Another option is a lip tint, I love Benefit's Bene-tint, it's Rosie and full of colour and the best part is that it stays put all day long!
Or you could even wear a lip balm, at the moment i have bee loving the Baby Lips! 

So there we have it, a valentines day beauty look that can even be used any day! There will be more posts on the run up to valentines day, like recipes, D.I.Y.S, what to wear and a special post on Valentines day!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x