Friday, 14 February 2014

How To Spend Valentines Day On Your Own!

Valentines day is supposed to be spent with your lover, but i love valentines so much i thought that i could make it enjoyable just as much as you would with your boyfriend or girlfriend! So instead of moping around and questioning why you don't have a partner, just follow these simple steps to have a fun day!

No.1: Look Great, Feel Great
The last couple of valentines i too have been moping around and feeling sorry for myself in my pajamas, but if you want to enjoy valentines day just put your favorite items of clothing on. Now they doesn't have to be a dress (well you can if you like!) But for me i will probably go for a more casual look. I will be wearing my over sized River Island Heart jumper and my rose coloured jeans.The reason that i picked these were that i wanted to incorporate the idea of valentines day into my outfit!

Now that your dressed i like the idea of putting your make up on and telling the world that you just don't care! You can find out about your Valentines themed make up in my post here. 

No.2: Celebrate With Your Friends!
If your friends are feeling the same why not all do something together like a movie night or a sleepover, a pamper evening or just sit around, eat pizza and chocolate and have a great time. My perfect Valentines with my friends would be to watch YouTube videos and have a pamper night! (and why not! Your making the most of a holiday!) Now one thing that i want to make for my friends are these chocolate pretzel bites!
I think that all you do is get a pretzel and put some chocolate of some sort (eg Chocolate buttons) and put them in the oven on a lightly greased baking tray for a couple of minutes and when they look softened quickly get them out of the oven and place an M&M on them and put them in the fridge! I got this idea from this video! Bethany Mota Valentines Video Thanks Bethany!

No.3: Rom-Coms, Rom-Coms and Rom-Coms 
 Did the title give it away? What i like doing is getting a LOT of films and you guessed it, watch them all! One of my favorite films for valentines day is you guessed it, Valentines day! I think that it fits perfectly with the theme of Valentines day (hence the title of the film) Or my other favorite is the holiday with Cameron Diaz! The film gets me every time!

No.4: The Shop Run 
To make valentines day even more enjoyable i dash out to the shops and get everything i need to have a successful sleepover. I would buy magazines, face masks, chocolate and strawberry's.....  But if i was going to a sleepover i would bring my chosen DVDS, blankets and soft pillows and more stuff until my bag could possibly burst at any minute!

So i hope this post uplifted you and made you think about all the fun stuff you can do on valentines day!
Have a Great Day!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x