Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Shop I Couldn't Live Without 1#: The Blueberry Store

I love shopping as much as the next person, but there are just some shops that I couldn't live without. This addiction ranges from coffee shops to quaint independent shops. So first in this new series I thought i could start with the shop that has been in my heart for years. The Blueberry Store.

There are many different reasons why I love the Blueberry Store, Mainly the reason I love this shop so much is because of the wide variety of products in one little shop. When you walk into the shop the aroma of pleasant candle scents hit you. The Blueberry Store stocks a large number of candles that range from different scents and different company's so that the buyer can explore countless amounts of appealing candle scents until they find the correct scent for them.Two of the main candle company's that stock The Blueberry Store are Kringle Candle Company and Yankee Candle. A new addition to The Blueberry Store's candle range is The Country Candle Company they offer scents from Apple Blossom to fresh Linen. The amount of candles that the shop has is unbelievable and very impressive. 

The Blueberry Store stocks Lexington Company. Lexington Company is a New England style company that offers stunning soft furnishings. The shop stocks Lexington Company duvet coves and pillow cases, Aprons, throws, blankets, tea towels, cushions, bedspreads and dinnerware. They are all to a high standard and would be idyllic for any room. 

A new range of American Specialty Food has arrived at the shop. As always there is  a lot of exciting products. Some of the products I had never dreamed about trying as they are not available here in the United Kingdom. A high majority of the stock is confectionery. Some of the store's newest additions are Swedish Fish, M&M's chocolate bar, Boston Beans and Tootsie Rolls. Also you can purchases a selection of spreads, Syrups, cake decorations, seasonings and more! 

What gets me excited about The Blueberry Store is the stock of home decor in store. All of the stock is fun, creative and beautiful. They would lighten up any room with the chosen product's presence. Lampshades and lanterns would  brighten up a dull light. Frames that would display your captured moments creatively. Checkered fabric hearts that would show off your affection. Not forgetting the breathtaking wooden decorations that include wooden hearts, Wooden Scottie dogs and much more. 

I could write ten pages about The Blueberry Store, but there was a little synopsis about why I love The Blueberry Store so much! Go on the shops website for more products and more information. 

Here's a whole gallery of images i took of the store! (I couldn't stop myself from taking countless amounts of pictures!) I hope you enjoyed the post! 

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x