Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Slight Addiction 1#

I know that my blog is supposed to be about Beauty, Lifestyle... (ect) But i am going to do a post every couple of weeks to tell you what my slight addiction might be, now it all really depends because one post might be about a make up product i couldn't live without, but then it might be a bath and shower product, a piece of clothing or just a random item!
So i thought i would start the series off by writing about a random thing that is my slight addiction. My addiction is Pusheen The Cat!

This addiction started when i was researching animals for a piece of coursework. After trawling through the inter-web about a million times i came across Pusheen. I was aware that i had i slight addiction to Pusheen before all of this happened, but it was if it had re-kindled the magic between the bond of me and Pusheen.
I think that the addiction got that bad that i ditched the original idea of my coursework that i had been slaving over for about seven hours to start again with the idea of Pusheen!

I got quite upset that the Pusheen site was in dollars, so then i went to Amazon and i found the book that could completely sum up my whole entire life, the Pusheen Book called I am Pusheen The Cat! (Here) I am ordering the book now so hopefully it will get here quick!

Pusheen is the character that can make me laugh when i am in the worst mood possible, i am still quite upset about the Pusheen Pillow i was going to buy online but it's in dollars! But never mind! Maybe one day! :)

So there was my brief post to start off the series of 'My slight addiction' I hoped you like the idea of the series and i will see you soon! x

P.S: Here are some of my favorite Pusheen images and Gifs! (Enjoy!)

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x