Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Slight Addiction #6

So as you all have gathered I have a lot of 'slight' addictions and it's getting way about of hand! I have always loved writing down my thoughts and of course my blogging ideas! Ask any of my friends, I carry a notebook everywhere with me! One section of my bookshelf is dedicated to notebooks. But I'm not just writing about any notebook, my slight addiction is my new Moleskine planner.
It's perfect for a planing 'freak' like me!

What I really like about Moleskine journals is they have added 'extra' pages at the beginning. A world time zone page which is perfect for traveling.  A holidays page and many more useful pages! I would say that Moleskine journals are perfect for travelers.
Also I have just found this out but they have pockets on the back page!

I find the actual  weekly planning pages amazing for my day to day planning because as well as having a section for each day, it also has a large page next to it for note taking! Perfect!

Also one thing I love about Moleskine journals is they come in a variety of colours, which include Black (which I have) a mustard colour, red, pink, yellow, blue and many more!

I couldn't live without my Moleskine and I think it's more than a slight addiction. The link to the online store is (Here) but I purchased mine from Waterstones.

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x