Monday, 16 June 2014

Revision Rescue: #2

I am in the middle of revising for some of my exams and I thought why not share some of my effective (well I think they are!) revision tips. Hopefully some of you will find these useful in preparation for those exams!

1. Have designated areas 
When I'm revising I find it really difficult to sit on my bed or the sofa, just because I feel that I need to have a clear area so when I need to revise everything is there. It's a simple place but my desk is where I do all of my revision, just because it's simple and like I said, it has all of my school equipment. I have brought some decorative pots and put in various different stationary essentials, like pencils, pens, geometry set, rulers, erasers and also in a box under my desk is all of my revision books, school books and textbooks. It's simple, but effective.

2. Break time! 
This sounds far to easy but it really does work! In school when you are in lessons you get rewarded with break and lunchtime. So to keep in the same pattern just reward yourself during revision. Every 30 minutes I reward myself with a 10 minute break. It may not seem a lot but you can make yourself a snack or just check Twitter and Instagram. It keeps you working because you know that every 30 minutes you will be getting a quick break.

3. Highlight everywhere! 
One of the most effective revision tips that I use is use colours or the expression "paint the town red!" Pick up at your local store every colour of highlighters and pens. When your revising highlight the important information that you need to learn and then when you flick back you will be encouraged to look back at the highlighted notes because the colours catch your eye!

4. Munch your way through revision 
When I have my five minute break I tend to make myself a heathy snack to keep me powering through those textbooks. I normally make peanut butter and banana bites, which are simply two slices of banana glued together with peanut butter. Yum! Or I make myself a colourful fruit salad with kiwis, banana, apple, grapes, pineapple and blueberries!

So that was a handful of revision tips that should help you! I will be making more of these posts, so keep your eyes peeled! Good luck!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x

P.S Don't stress so much! :)