Monday, 7 April 2014

A Slight Addiction #3

What could be my slight addition this week? There is no shock here but it is tea. But not any ordinary tea but a range of tea in particular. Sleep tea.
I'm not the only one who sometimes finds it difficult to get to sleep, and in the huge array of teas lined up in my pantry I came amongst a stash of Sleep teas from many different brands. I completely forgot about my sleep tea. I thought that it was a great idea that it would help me get to sleep but I am drinking something I love. Tea of course!

There were three boxes of sleep tea that really stood out for me, so starting from number three is Clipper Sleep Easy Tea. My first impressions of this tea was when I poured hot water onto it, the scent is amazing, orange, cinnamon, lemon balm and chamomile. The taste of the tea was soothing and calming but I could really feel an effect of the tea as it relaxed me into a deep sleep. At number two we have Twinings Sleep Tea, the tea claims to drift you off into a peaceful nights sleep whist enjoying the calming blend. I could not see no fault in that statement on the back of the tea box. I find that this is stronger than the Clipper Tea but in a good way, Camomile, lavender, cinnamon and vanilla makes this tea drift you away. This flavour of this tea might not be 'everyone's cup of tea' but it is certainly mine! And finally the tea that stood out for me is not even labeled as a sleep tea but I find that it helps me relax, it's Twinings Warming Camomile & Spiced Apple Tea. This is an Autumn tea but thankfully Twinings still stock it! Crisp apples, Camomile, cinnamon and all things nice. It really helps to de-stress you! I love all of these teas because of course they are all caffeine free. You will see future posts about sleep teas when I purchase more!

I hoped you enjoyed this short post!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x