Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Avobath From Lush

I said this on my last post but my camera is now coming back from repairs on Friday! I am so upset that I cannot upload any pictures yet! But they will all be uploaded on Friday! Rather than me not uploading I thought I would, just minus the images :( sorry x

Now this isn't a secret but I love Lush products. From bath bombs to shower jelly's, Fun to there incredible skincare line which I have reviewed previously. Lush is that type of brand that starts the trends and makes everyone follow. I never go out of Lush without a product *cough* *cough* *bag of products* to give a whirl, nine out of ten times I will always repurchase. But there was one product that really caught my eye when I was dashing frantically into Lush in London Liverpool Street Station as the train was just arriving, I was searching for a bath bomb in particular as I just wanted to relax when I got home from a busy day out with my family. "Twilight? No I've repurchased that one a lot, Dragons egg? My favorite of course! Think pink? Avobath? I've never took much notice of you before" I briefly smelt the bath bomb (as you do) and met my family and got on the train home (thankfully!)

By the time I had got home I was really really tired, tired of catching the tubes to Oxford Street, Convent Garden, Leicester square and standing for almost all the time. I felt like I needed a bath, not only to relax but to wash away the city from me. I found the Lush bag among the reminisce of some shopping bags and I got excited. I was a bit worried just because I had never tried Avobath, but like I said, I like nine out of ten items I purchase from Lush!

So as usual I ran my bath and plonked it in (of course! what else would I do?) And to my surprise it was a calming, relaxing bath bomb. Rather than the usual bath bombs I get they are normally a bit 'overpowering' but Avobath was subtle but still did me the world of good!
Now this is TMI (to much information) but I am suffering from sinusitis which means all of my sinuses are all blocked up, resulting in me not being able to smell or taste anything! But I found that Avobath slowly helped me to relax and help my sinuses go back to normal. Now I'm not saying this is a miracle worker as I am still suffering with sinusitis but the time I was in the bath it helped! The scent (that I could actually smell!) was avocados, but also a burst of lemongrass. Avocado and olive oil helps moisturise the skin, where the bergamot oil will help you get through the day (if you use it in the morning, it will give you a burst of energy!) There is a slight green shimmer that helps make the bath green and give your skin that extra boost! (Who would have thought?)
In Lush at the moment Avobath is £3.25. I think that is a superb price for a bath bomb, you could use it all in one go and get the full effect, or you could split it in half! It's up to you!
If you are near a Lush store I strongly recommend you getting one!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x