Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lush Review #2

So here is the second part of my Lush skincare review. Another four products that Ii have brought to the test.

9 To 5 Cleanser (95g/£4.95) 
I think that this cleansing lotion is the best I have ever tried. (and I have tried a lot) It is perfectly balanced with almond oil and dove orchid to brighten your skin and make your skin feel refreshed after a long day. If you have sensitive skin I think that this would be perfect as it soothes your skin whilst removing any dirt or make up left on your skin. It's floral scent is the sweet ylang ylang oil. It's perfect quick option when your in a hurry.
My honest rating of this product is 4/5. Brightening, removes make up, soothing. What have I done without it?

Oatifix Fresh Facemask (75g/£6.25) 
I really like this Fresh Facemask. Firstly because when you apply the product to your skin it is so cooling and refreshing because it has to be kept in the fridge. If not. It will not be pleasant, because this is a fresh facemask with fresh ingredients it must be kept in the fridge. I really like the ingredients in this product, ranging from banana's to moisturize dry skin. Oatmeal and ground almonds to exfoliate the skin. This facemask is aimed at people with normal to dry skin, but mainly dry skin. I liked this product because it was moisturizing  the only slight problem I had with it was that it tends to not have an 'even' coverage on your skin. but nonetheless it still is a brilliant product that I will continue using. It s perfect if you have dry patches on you skin because 'wow' this product makes my face so soft afterwards. Just leave the mask on to 10/15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.
My honest rating of this product is 3/5. It leaves your skin so soft and perfect for dry skin.
 Eau Roma Water (100g/£3.95 or 250g/£7.50)  Toner
Before I used this toner I wasn't that obsessed with toners, of course I had one to hand every night but I always stuck to the same toner. I know that you should have a little change up with your skincare items but I didn't think toners where that big of a deal. I was wrong. Very wrong. I found this toner to be a very soothing and gentle toner that wasn't harsh. After a while of using my 'old' toner I found it to be harsh on my skin, it felt great when I was trying Eau Roma Water because like I said it wasn't harsh, it was relaxing and soothing and also it has rose and lavender in the product to help cleanse your skin.
My honest rating of this product is 4/5. Amazing value for money, simple and soothing.
Imperialis (45g/£12.95) Moisturiser
I don't like 'heavy' facial moisturisers, so luckily this is the complete opposite! Imperialis is a light facial moisturiser that is bursting with ingredients like lavender, sunflower, elderflower, sweet violet and many more natural ingredients. This is the perfect moisturiser if you don't know what your skin needs, whether it be dry patches, oily skin, combination or normal this caters to everyone's needs. I loved this product because I could actually feel it working, the first day I applied it I could feel a dramatic difference. For the whole day my skin felt so soft and I had some dry patches of skin and what a surprise. They were gone at the end of the day. With most moisturisers I buy I either feel them moisturizing my skin for a couple of hours and then it all stops or they just don't do anything at all. None of this happened with Imperialis. I will be going back to my local Lush store and purchasing this for sure!   
My honest rating of this product is 5/5. A repurchase for sure!
So there you have it, my Lush skincare review. I have really enjoyed trying out all of these products and I will repurchasing many of them! Thank you Lush Cambridge! See you soon x
Thanks x
Bethany Howe x