Friday, 2 May 2014

May Wishlist

May 2nd 2014 
Yay! It's May! And you know what that means, A May wishlist! Filled with products that I am in desperate need to try, tea's that i'm longing to drink, books, music, food and much more. I think there is only one thing to do, start.

So to start off my May wishlist there is a Benefit product that I really would like to purchase, It's called Lollitint. Lollitint is a lip and cheek stain that is a perfect orchid colour that would be perfect for Summer. I am already a big fan of the Benefit lip and cheek stains as I have the original Benetint. I think that they are a great investment because I purchased Benetint near Christmas and it's still going strong with more than half a bottle! Also you don't need to worry about it smudging as it is smudge proof, It lasts along time, The application is easy as well. Lollitint is currently priced at £24.50, I think that is a great price for a bottle of the tint. Benetint is one of my favorite lip products which I used so much in the Winter months, so why not have an orchid colour perfect for Summer?      

Next we have, of course, a tea. The brand this month which I really want to purchase and drink (state the obvious!) Is Twinings Chamomile & Honey tea (Price: £1.39). You can probably see a pattern with some of my posts but I prefer a tea that relaxes me and helps me get to sleep. I have developed a new love for Chamomile tea, the first time I tried it (This was two years ago) I wasn't such a big fan of it. I thought it was tasteless and plain. What was wrong with me? I think it's one of my favorite blends of tea. But recently I was shopping when I came across this tea, Chamomile (Yes!) and another love of mine, honey! I love honey! Honey on toast, on smoothies, baking etc... I really want to purchase this, and I will! I will most likely buy this on Saturday and report back!    

I have mentioned Washed Out in my favorites a couple of months back and I said how much I love the two songs that interlink: Entrance and Paracosm. Now I am dying to purchase the album! I have listened to most of Washed Out songs but there are just a couple that I need to listen to! The first time I heard Entrance and Paracosm was at the end of December when I heard the songs being played on one of my favorite videos, Search The Horizon by Habitat. Some of you know that Habitat is a skateboarding company and they released Search The Horizon at the end of December and that's where my Love for Washed Out started. 
I recommend you listen to Washed Out, Calming, relaxing, amazing. 

So there are just a couple of my May wishlist this month! I hope you enjoyed this post, a new D.I.Y Monday post will be up on Monday and mu April favorites post will be up next Friday! 

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x