Monday, 12 May 2014

D.I.Y Monday: My Lunchbox

So for this D.I.Y Monday post I am going to be showing you what I take in my lunchbox for school. At first it sounds a bit weird, you always hear about room tours and kitchen tour but never a lunchbox tour! Well I guess it's a first for everything!
This might give you some inspiration for what to take to school, or you might be a bit nosey like me!

So here is my lunchbox, I love it because I think of it like it's me on a lunchbox. The story behind it is that when I brought it I was a keen biker. I would bike all around the countryside and at that point in time I use to pack myself a little snack and bike off! If you would like y lunchbox I will a link (here)

So enough of that! Lets get into the lunch! Firstly what I normally take with me is a sandwich. My sandwich normally contains cheddar cheese on my favourite bread, sunflower and pumpkin seed! It's so yummy!

Next I would take a piece of fruit, normally it would be a kiwi. I love kiwi's but I have experienced kiwi juice all over my skirt *disapproving glare* But I used to take a banana with me in my bag but I got wise to that when I opened my new bag to find a flattened banana that has been mushed! All over my books :(

I will always take a bottle of water with me because otherwise I will get really dizzy, but anyway you have to keep hydrated. I have just started drinking the Alpro Soya Chocolate Shake. I think they are yummy! I think they taste better than any other chocolate shake and they are great for lunches and traveling. Link (here)

For my snack I take a Nakd bar with me. These are my favourite snacks to bring with me because they come in a wide range of flavours and also what I love most about these bars is that they have hardy any ingredients, which you can understand! None of these mystery names which you can't pronounce! My favourite Nakd bar is the Gingerbread Bar! Link (Here)

Sometimes I take a pot of trail mix with me. I take it with me because I think that it slowly releases it's energy throughout the day but also it's a mix of different dried fruits and nuts that makes a change from the usual pot of almonds. (Even though a pot of almonds is good!)

So there is my usual lunch, if you want try some of these ideas out because it is a nice healthy lunch that I seriously enjoy!
See you on Wednesday for a new beauty post!
Have a great couple of days :)

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x