Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What's New For Rimmel?

I love Rimmel Cosmetics, whether it is a new product, an old favorite or just a new collaboration I love to see what's new, because who doesn't like Rimmel? So I am going to be looking at some of the new releases that have hit the UK Drugstores.

Rimmel Eyes By Kate 
As many of you know Kate Moss has done many collaborations with Rimmel and this new line has just launched. It's named Rimmel eyes by Kate and in the new collection it has Rimmel Kate's Scandleyes  Rockin' Curves Mascara in four different shades including Emerald Green, Amethyst, Jet Black and Sapphire. Also in the line you can find a waterproof liner and a collection of Shadow Sticks including the shades Turquoise, Electric Sapphire, Rose Gold and Amethyst. From what I gather this collection is for he more daring people who like to 'dabble' in this area. But saying that I am going to be reviewing these shortly and I am going to try and create a couple of looks for the people like me who don't really like to experiment.  The Mascara is £7.50, eyeshadow stick £4.49 and the gel liner is £6.99.

Rita Ora Colour Rush Balm and 60 Second Nail Varnish 
Rimmel have been busy collaborating with everyone including Rita Ora. Rimmel have launched a new collection of 60 second nail Varnish inspired by Rita including some daring colours like Raw As Night and some pretty pastels like Breakfast in Bed. I love the new range because the shades have something for everyone. They retail at £3.69, I think that is a great price to pay for a good 'olde' nail polish. Also they have launched Rita Ora Colour Rush Balm which is a jumbo pencil for  your lips that apparently moisturises your lips and  has long lasting colour. It also has shades ranging from Violets and pinks, also something for everyone. These retail for £5.99.

So as I said Rimmel have been very busy with new releases everywhere, but we all should be greatful    And pleased! I will of course be reviewing these items and putting them to the test! I hoped you enjoyed this post!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x