Friday, 9 May 2014

The Lazy Day Tag

I am creating a new series (yay!) Because if your like me you know what it feels like when you have to revise for exams, it stresses you out and basically some of time you need some time to relax or revision strategies etc... So what better way to help you through exam season than to make a new series? Some posts may be about revision strategies or a quick and easy study look or even ways to relax.

So we all get one of those lazy days, some more than others. Me? maybe once of twice a week! But all of us need time to relax and have fun. Even if your like me and have exams stacked up. We all need a break. So to start off the series why not answer the lazy day tag? Because like I said, we all need a break from revision.

Question One: What's Your Lazy Day Skincare Routine? 
When I do have a lazy day either if I am feeling extremely lazy for some reason or I need a break from revision I normally keep my skincare routine pretty basic. Now I know some of you are thinking "You need a routine!" But it's on the off chance that I will have a lazy day so why not strip down to the basics. I use my Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser and My Simple Moisturizer. Yeah, I know. Pretty basic. But don't worry I don't do that everyday!

What Is Your Lazy Day Make Up? 
If i'm not going out I will not wear make up. End of story! But If I have to make myself look presentable if I am going out to run errands. My make up must have for a lazy day is concealer. One of my favorites is a widely talked about concealer, The collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.  It's thick enough to cover that tired face of yours! But also a lipstick to attract the attention away from my tired face! 

What is your lazy day hairstyle? 
When I am home I quickly put it in a messy bun, but sometimes if it looks too 'wild' I will secure it with some hair pins. Like the make up if I am going out I will let my hair dry naturally and pin my fringe up. Nothing too extravagant! 

What's your lazy day outfit? 
At home it would have to be an oversized jumper and leggings (TMI I am wearing them now!) and if I have to go out some jeans and a collared shirt, not forgetting a lengthy cardigan! 

What's your lazy day scent? 
If I'm not going out of the house I tend not to wear any perfume but I will spray some body spray (Impulses vanilla scent is my favourite at the moment) but I do love my Body Shop Rose body Lotion. When your feeling lazy you have to smell sweet if you can! 

What's your lazy day pampering Product? 
Face masks! Who doesn't love a good old face mask? I love any fruit scented mask! Especially Lush Fresh Face masks! Brazened Honey! I love that face mask because it has been in the fridge, you apply it onto your face it's soothing and cold! 

Your Lazy Day Food/Snack? 
I prefer to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables when I feel lazy because they make me feel awake so I can get out of this lazy trance! I love making my own fruit salad with chopped apples, kiwi, peaches and banana! Yum! 

Lazy Day Drink? 
Following the same theme as my snack I love to blend some of the fruit and add a few other ingredients and make a smoothie! But of course I love my tea so my lazy day tea is Pukka's vanilla Chai. I love chai so much! 

So that was the lazy day tag! If you want to answer any of these questions please do! Why not?
Have a great weekend! 

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x