Sunday, 27 July 2014

Baby Lips Electro: 'Strike A Rose'

At last! The Baby Lips Eletro have finally launched in the U.K! And I have waited for this moment for along time! (A year to be exact) But the downside to this launch was that one of the shops that actually sold them only had two in stock! But thankfully they had 'Strike A Rose' the product that I was most excited about! I will be reviewing all of them, but first I have to wait until they stock them!

The first thing that I noticed about the product before I tore it out of it's packaging is that the colour scheme of the product collection is really interesting with the contrasting colours of the overall colour of the casing is black and the bright 'Neon' pink colour reflects the products colour which makes the product stand out to the target market.
Also with all of the Baby Lips collection the transparent lid of the product makes the shade noticeable and clear for the audience to easily look/access.

So let's get on to the actual product. The shades look in a way quite 'scary' when you first look at them but you have to remember that they are very sheer. But I was quite surprised because with the origanal collection the tinted shades were all quite sheer and that's what I expected from this collection. Of course they are still very sheer but my personal opinion is that they still have a lot of product pay off for quite a reasonably priced product (£2.99). It mainly revolves around how you build  the product up. If you want a very sheer look only lightly 'swipe' the product on once but if you want more colour pay off just keep layering it up!

I adore the shade 'Strike A Rose', not just for the beautiful rose/pink colour but also for it's high moisturising powers and one last thing. The scent. The scent is amazing! I can't really describe it, other than it being a really sweet scent!
The only downside to the collection is that they don't have SPF protection like the original collection, but apart from that it's the product that I will be keeping in my bag over the Summer!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x  

P.S: Yes these pictures were took in Starbucks because I was just too excited!