Friday, 4 July 2014

The British Tag

A couple of days ago one of my favourite Youtubers Sammi or 'BeautyCrush' had created 'The British Tag' Now I know it's 4th July, so happy 4th of July to all of my American viewers!
But in contrast to that kets get on with the British Tag!

1.How many cups of tea do you have a day? & how many sugars? 
As many of you know I am a big tea lover, so on average I have two to three cups a day. Of course with two sugars and a splash of milk.

2. Favourite part of a roast? 
When my Mum cooks the Sunday roast it consists of roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, some sort of vegetarian substitute to meat, fresh vegetables and gravy. If some of you don't know already Yorkshire puddings is a light batter baked in a 'rounded cup' shape. (It's the best I can describe it!) Some people say it's "the staple of a roast" I can agree with that, so my favourite part if a roast is a Yorkshire pudding.

3. Favourite dunking biscuit? 
Like I said I'm a big lover of tea, so I need a biscuit to go with it! My favourite biscuit to dunk (put in my tea) would be the 'classic' digestive. Just a plain digestive without chocolate! If you don't already know a digestive is sweet biscuit made with wholemeal flour.

4. Favourite British Pastime?   
I love to go down to my local beach (an hour away) and eating Rock (rock being hard sugar which has been flavoured) saying that I haven't had 'rock' for about six years! But I can still remember the sometimes sickly sweet taste of it. I could never get through a whole bar though!

5. Cockney Rhyme Slang? 
"Apples and pears stairs" I'm not the best example!

6. Favourite Sweet? 
The classic British sweet that is Rhubarb & Custard. It's a hard boiled sweet with the classic combination of tangy rhubarb and the sweet side of the custard.

7. What would your pub be called? 
"Tea &Toast" I know it isn't a traditional pub name but it reflects my love of tea and the the toast part could mean it could be a B&B so you can stay overnight and have toast (breakfast) in the morning,

8. No. 1 British Person?
Oh wow, where do I begin? Back to the historical dates it would have to be Winston Churchill. But now for back to the present day either Samantha Maria (who created this tag) or Rhiannon Ashlee.

9. Favourite shop/restaurant? 
It's quite sad to say this but the shop focus post I created a couple of months ago (The Blueberry Store) had suddenly shut down. Don't worry the online shop is still up and running. But one shop I couldn't live without would be Boots, it's where I get most of my drugstore make up products!

10. What British Song Pops Into Your Mind? 
Of course The National Anthem but strangely enough The Spice Girls: Stop? I know they were a famous British girl group but really Beth?

11. Marmite? 
I might be the only person but I have never tried it! Should I?

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x

P.S Be sure to check out BeautyCrush on YouTube!