Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer Essenitals

For once I can say that it is hotting up here in the UK and everywhere I go I pack some of my Summer essentials that I couldn't leave the house without. From beauty to books, food to clothing.
 So I have narrowed down some of my Summer essentials that I couldn't live without.
So here are my top five.

1. A Notepad & A Book
Now I know that it's not 'one' item but I guess I can say that they come 'under' the same category of books. Not just in the Summer but everywhere I go I take a notepad with me, either to doodle, write down Blog ideas or anything I need to remember.
But also a book to read in the hot Summer sun or if you live in the UK maybe in the rain.

"The notepad I use is my black Moleskine Notebook and the book I have been reading is Paper Towns By John Green." 

2. Water or A Orange Refresha (Starbucks) 
In the Summer we all have to make sure that we keep hydrated so all of us need to make sure that we have a drink to hand. I need to take some of my own advice because I am always dehydrated so I have to make sure I either take a bottle of water with me or buy my favorite Starbucks drink which has been Orange Refresher's.

Valencia Orange Starbucks Refreshers™ Beverage
"Always make sure that you stay hydrated in the Summer months" 

3. A Pressed Powder & An SPF Lip balm
In the UK recently it has been 'hotting' up, and being sweaty isn't really a good look. So I always make sure I have a pressed powder to hand (And of course a powder brush) So it can reduce shine and make you feel 'somewhat' normal! Rather than being overheated and sweaty.

Also I always suggest you take an SPF lip balm wherever you go because not many people realize that your lips get burnt as well, and it isn't great. If you want some sheer coverage maybe you should opt for a lip balm with SPF protection and a light sheer coverage.

"I use the Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder in 'Translucent' & for my SPF lip balm I have been using the Baby Lips original collection in 'Cherry Me'"   

4. High Wasted Shorts
I am usually not the biggest fan of high waisted shorts, but for some reason I have a whole 'stash' of them in my wardrobe. I have been wearing them for the last couple of months and I have been loving them! I always wear my high waisted shorts with a 'crop' top. I don't mean the really short crop tops, but I have a white mid length crop top which pairs really well with the cropped shorts.

"I love wearing crop tops with high waisted shorts! A match made just for Summer!" 

5.A 'Heath' Snack Bar
I have been 'stashing' one of my favorite 'heath' bars in my bag. I have so many to pick from but I always make sure that I have one in my bag so whenever I get hungry or I get tired I can easily get one out of my bag.

                                                           "Some of my favorite heath bars/balls include Bounce Balls, Nakd Bars Trek Bars and Eat Natural Bars"   

And those are my top five Summer essentials!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x