Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Slight Addiction: 2# Nivea Lip Butters

Ask any of my friends or family, you walk in my room and all you see on my dressing table is lip balms, lip butters and lots of tinted lip balms. I am addicted and I am proud to say it. As many of you know, the UK isn't the sunniest of places. So that's why I have so many lip care products on hand. And one that stands out from them all is the Nivea Lip Butters.

Raspberry Rose, Vanilla & Macadamia, Caramel Cream and the good old original moisturising     Nivea formula. If you look in my bag you can see the whole collection scattered in various places, my make up compartment, the bottom of my bag, in my pencil case and in my purse? Now I'm a bit worried about myself!

These lip care products are like no other. Firstly they are not lip balms but lip 'butters' which glide on my lips and make them so soft and smooth. Secondly the flavours are original but also taste so good when you put a little bit on your lips. The Vanilla & Macadamia is just heaven in a little tin. Which brings me onto my next point, they are so compact and lightweight. As you read previously they are so lightweight that I don't even know that they are 'partying' on in my bag without me realising that the whole collection is with me every moment of the day!

With the scent, packaging and the care that it does for your lips is brilliant, the price is unbelievable. Ranging from £2.25 why don't you pick one up? Or two? Or three? Or even the whole collection and be like me and have them following you around all day and night!

If you do have a Nivea lip butter well give yourself a pat on the back! you sure know how to pick a great lip butter. If not, I strongly suggest you pick one up!
Cheap, cheerful, smells great, lightweight and 'tin' full of fun!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x