Sunday, 23 March 2014

Swing Into Spring Tag

I have just created this Spring tag to get everyone in the mood for spring. Swing in the sun into spring. Enjoy x

1. What's your clothing essential for Spring?
Where I live it's still quite chilly when spring approaches so I would say it would have to be my denim jacket. Perfect for our somewhat sunny Spring.

2. Mini Eggs, Cream Eggs or Malteaster Bunnys?
I'm not really a big chocolate eater but I can't pass a handful of mini eggs. Their so crunchy and Delicious! Why are they only out for Easter?

3. If you had to pick one nail polish colour for spring what would it be?
When I think of spring I think of delicate pastel colours, peach, pastel pink, green etc... But I have really been loving duck egg blue.  I think it's idyllic for spring, it's vibrant but still fun and playful. Thinking of the name 'duck egg blue' it  reminds me of and Easter egg or an egg cracking open for spring. No, just me? Deep Beth, too deep.

4. Shorts or skirts?
Well for this question I am very confused! For the last couple of weeks I have been wearing my skater skirt with my collared  shirt but I have also been recently been wearing my floral denim shorts. I love wearing them both, (but seriously am I sitting here in deep thought thinking about what I love the most?) shorts, my floral shorts.

5. Bold pink lips or nude lips?
Without a doubt it has to be light pink nude lips. I have been liking the Revlon Colourburst matte balms, my favourite has to be the shade Complex. I really love bold pink lip products on other people but I don't think they suit me! Maybe I could try later on this spring! Maybe.

6. Are you an early bird?
Well I am proud to answer this question because for months I was getting out of bed really late. (On school days) But on school days I have been waking up at 6.00am. That's a really big achievement for me. So yes, I can call myself an early bird.

7. Favourite Starbucks drink for spring?
For years and years I have been drinking  the cream frappes from Starbucks. You know when Spring starts when I start drinking the frappes again, but saying that I have been converted to the Valencia orange refresha. It was launched last summer in the UK and it is so refreshing (hence the name Beth!) Refresha's are the best in my opinion!

8.  Laying on the beach or chilling with your friends on the grass?
I always make these questions so difficult for me! I absolutely love laying on the calm beach. It's almost a treat for me because where I live we don't like close to the beach, so I would like to make the most of the beach when I can but I have recently discovered I love to sit on the grass in the bright sunshine (when it does, I do live in Britain) and laugh and have fun with my friends. I'm kinda cheating on this question but relax on the beach with my friends! The best of both worlds.

9. Do you switch up your skin care routine when Spring comes around?
Yes I do, I love to have a switch around all my 'heavy duty' products from winter to change them to a lighter product. Saying this there are some products I won't change just because I love them too much to say goodbye! My next post is about my morning routine (including skincare) if my post is successful I will make the post into a video on YouTube!

10.  What scent to you like the best? Sweet or floral?
Floral all the way!  I have a floral scented cleanser, a new Yankee candle (scent: Fresh cut roses) i can switch from my winter spices to my spring florals.

So that was my Swing Into Spring Tag! I had a lot of fun creating this tag! Please feel free to write a response to this tag and share to me your Swing into spring tag response!  I would love to read them! Have a great Spring!

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x

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