Monday, 31 March 2014

April Wishlist

Oh, what can I see? Is it the Easter Holidays in the horizon? Well yes it is! I have some money in my purse and I am wishing and dreaming about these products. Most of my friends are excited about going abroad in the holidays, well I am excited about blogging, vlogging, sleeping and shopping. So without further ado here is my April Wishlist. (You may see many of these products when I buy them in my April favourites!)

1. Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel: Apricot Nectar 
I have visited my local Revlon stand various amounts of times hoping that one day they would have the shade Apricot Nectar in stock. But alas, no trace has ever been found by me. Sure, I have some different shades that appear in the enamel line like 'Surf Spray' and 'Lime Basil' but it is just this one polish that makes me want to run a marathon for it (not really, maybe a walkathon?) I love the formula of these nail enamels, the shades are beautiful and the bottles are to cute to even look at! Hopefully I can buy this shade at a larger Boots store. P.S these shades are perfect for Spring! Watch out Apricot Nectar, I'm going to buy you this April.

2. Celestial Seasonings Tea: Sleepy Time 
There is no secret that I love tea. Three shelves of my pantry is filled with different types of tea (they are big shelves) I have recently just finished my Sleep Tea from Twinning's so I was in desperate need of finding another sleep tea. Sometimes I find it really hard to get to sleep so I find that once I have a cup of decaf tea it sends me to sleep, and it's better if I have a 'sleep' tea. When I was trawling through the internet I found a Tea company called Celestial Seasonings, of course I have heard of this tea brand before but I have never really purchased the tea because I have never seen it much in the UK. But I came across it on Amazon and I am ordering it very soon (soon = three days or less for me) it said that the tea has soothing ingredients and helps you wind down before bed. I can't wait to try this tea and also who cannot resist the packaging?

3. Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream Pear & Pink Magnolia
Oh Crabtree & Evelyn, you have done it to me again! Some of you may know if you follow my blog posts that I am addicted to Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams. I have three that are scattered around in my room but I have recently been browsing their website and then I saw a new line of products. Pear &  Pink Magnolia. Of course the hand cream caught my eye. With it's softening Shea butter it makes your hands so moisturised. How can I not resist?

Soap And Glory Body Milk Smoothie Star
So now that Spring is here we all need to start making an effort with our legs and a product that I have heard that makes it a whole lot easier is Smoothie Star from Soap And Glory. It said that is has a deep moisturising formula and it makes your legs as smooth as they can get. I was passing through  Boots and I smelt this. Oh my, the scent is unreal! Almond, cocoa, yogurt, oats and honey. It's a dream come true!

So that was my April Wishlist! I hoped you enjoyed this post! See you soon x

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x