Saturday, 15 March 2014

Tea Review: TeaPigs

Now you might probably know this but I love tea, Tea in the morning, tea in the afternoon, tea for tea and tea at bed. I try to experiment with different teas that would normally be out of my comfort zone. When i was in my local cafe a couple of months ago I saw they had just stocked a new brand of tea called TeaPigs. At first I thought that the name was very humorous and when I took a closer look at the packaging of the tea it seemed to be very original. Not just for their fully recyclable packaging, and also the cardboard they use for their packaging is FSC certified (forestry stewardship council) which promotes beneficial management of the worlds forests. But for there wide variety of teas that you can pick from. Some of the teas are normal to the average human tea pallet, for example tea pigs has a tea called Everyday Brew, Chamomile and Chai Tea . But if your like me and your very adventitious with tea, TeaPigs is right up your street! Flavours so original even i was shocked when I was inquisitive and went on their website ( Their are teas wacky, weird and wonderful. TeaPigs has teas ranging from Chocolate Flake Tea to Popcorn Tea to Chili Chai and Peppermint and Licorice. If like me you like a fruity tea Teapigs has a tea called Super Fruits. As much as I like to serve it with hot water I love to make ice tea with it! There are plenty of different variety's of tea that you should check out!

Today I brought a cup of TeaPigs Everyday Brew, I normally go with Darjeeling Earl Grey and I was presently surprised that I had not tried Everyday Brew. So I thought I would share this review with you so if your near a Teapigs stockist or your have a box at home, you can grab a cup and read this review.

TeaPigs Review 1#: Everyday Brew (Signature Blend) 
Like I said before i went down to my local cafe today and I brought a cup of everyday brew. The first sip i took was the best, there were flavour combinations that I was pleased with. The tea itself was a blend of whole leaf teas including Assam,Ceylon and Rwandan. Forget about the rest of the teas out on the market, TeaPigs is the only tea for me. Tuesday is like a Monday for me, just the thought of the day ahead makes me want to stay in bed the whole day. But this tea, Everyday Brew made me feel alert, awake and for once in a good mood in the morning. Of course you can have this tea anytime of the day but in the morning it made my taste buds burst with delight. There is definitely a perfect balance of zesty to a strong flavour of the blend of the three whole leaf teas. I am being truly honest here, i would not change one thing about this tea. Perfection in a cup.

One thing that  really struck me about Teapigs is that they don't just care about the 'final product' (The tea) but when you look in-depth and appreciate the time and effort that has gone into the idea of biodegradable tea bags, pyramid tea bags and that their packaging is FSC certified you know your drinking a great tea. I think the one thing that over powers my love for other brands of tea is that Teapigs are making the customer their number one priority.    

I seriously advise you to get yourself a cup of Teapigs or run to your Supermarket (TeaPigs stockists Tesco's, Waitrose and some independent cafes) or you could just check out their website that is linked above, you can order directly from the TeaPigs website or if you wanted to be a TeaPigs stockist also go on their website and contact a member of the TeaPigs team for more information.        

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x