Sunday, 9 March 2014

February Favourites

So February has gone past so that only means one thing... My February Favourites! February has been a month where I have tried to vary what I would normally use than just using the same old product every day. So without further ado here is my February Favourites.

Before I start rambling on about the products you can purchase I would like to tell you what my favourite moment of the month was. Some of you may have seen my 'Shop I couldn't Live Without Post' If you did view the post it was about a shop called The Blueberry Store. The post was very successful with high amount of views it got and with the owner of the shop. But what made it my favourite moment of the month was that I could do what I love and interlink it with my favorite shop. Without a doubt it was my favourite moment of the month.

My first favourite item that I have been loving throughout the month of February is Crabtree & Evelyn's Gardeners hand cream. Now I talked about this hand cream in my Top Five Hand Creams Post but I wanted to mention it in my February favorites because this Hand cream has followed me around everywhere! In my bag, my pocket, on my dressing table and next to my phone. It nourishes your hands and leaves a earthy, magnificent scent that lasts for a long time.

I have been unwell recently so I needed a strong tea because I couldn't taste anything! This tea is Pukka Vanilla Chai. This is no secret but I love Chai. When I saw that this was caffeine free I a identity put it in the basket. If you like subtle teas I wouldn't recommend this tea. Even when I couldn't smell a thing I could still smell the tea before I opened the packet. The tea itself is organic herbal tea which is sweetened with cinnamon and cardamom. It's Calming and caffeine free, what's not to love?

I really like hats and I also really like the colour Mulberry. When  I saw this hat in New Look I quickly brought it. This hat is so comfortable and very walm. It's wonderfully soft with a fluffy knit. It was a great price of £1.00! It was in the sale which was an added bonus but you might not be able to buy it now but still have a look in store or online at your local New Look, there still might be time!

There is no surprise that there is a hand sanitizer in my monthly favorites but I can't help it! This hand sanitizer is from the US Bath And Body Works. The scent it Pumpkin Cupcake. I absolutely love Autumn and now that it has been and gone I thought that I could carry round a little bottle of Autumn in my bag. The scents magnificent! Cinnamon, pumpkins and much more. And it cleanses your hands as well! Yay!

A clothing item that I have been wearing non stop is my Denim Jacket from Oasis. I don't think that they sell it anymore as I got it a long, long time ago but you can get similar Denim jackets that are very cheap. I style my Denim jacket either over a skater skirt or with my mulberry jeans. I think it is a  staple piece of my wardrobe and I don't know what i would do without it.

Lastly a song that has worked it's way into my most played song on iTunes is Entrance & It All Feels Right by ParaCosm. These two songs work out as one song. They are so relaxing and seem to motivate me. You can listen to the songs separately but I recommend you listen to Entrance first then It All Feels Right. It will make sense once you listen to them both. The style of music is alternative and very relaxing!

So there where my monthly favorites, I hope you enjoyed them x

Thanks x

Bethany Howe x